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Stainless Steel Inflatable Boat Radar Arch Tower - Boaterbits

Stainless Steel Inflatable Boat Radar Arch Tower


Stainless steel radar arch designed for inflatable boats. These arches are made up of 3 components, 2 side towers and a center section. They are held together with preinstaled 5/16 set screws (could also be welded together). Because of the design of the radar arches they can adjust in width to fit inflatables from 32" - 60" wide (inside tubes)

They mount to the floor boards with bolts through the unigue feet which are hinged to allow the arch to be folded forward and layed flat on the floor (see photo). The vertical clearance from the floor to the arch is 43" The height from the foot to the side tower where it starts to bend outward is 15" The tubing diameter is 1-1/8"

There are plates welded to the side towers and the top rails to allow for the instalation of lights, rod holder etc.


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