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Ball Valve Panel Display - Boaterbits

Ball Valve Panel Display


Position Monitoring allows remote monitoring of the Ball Valve position. The Position Monitoring circuit can also be used as part of an engine or generator start interlock to ensure these don’t start without cooling water available.

•Monitoring from an accessible location
•Indication of multiple Ball Valve positions
•Able to be used as an engine interlock to disable starting when closed


The Position Monitoring function switches state when the Ball Valve is in the open position.
•Maximum switching current – 500mA
•Wire length – 2m (6.5’)
•Supply voltage 9.5 – 12V DC

The Ball Valve Display Panel is supplied with the following;
•Display Panel
•Installation instructions
•2x hookup wire with connector – 2.5m (8.2’)
•Mounting screws and covers
•Sticker Sheet with common labels

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